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Padua News is printed and published 4 times per year in December, March, June and September to provide information  to Parishioners and friends about events relevant to St Anthony’s Parish Community. The December issue is usually in full colour.

Each issue is also published in full colour to the Parish Web Page. This publication is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

Our current sponsors are:


Sponsor - Jdesign

Sponsor - Bargain Box (from 2016-06-28) Bargain box






Sponsor Advance stationers


If you are  considering becoming a sponsor please follow this link

The Current issue  is available here: PaduaNews

PN Issue 51 20190225



All  issues  are available in the         Padua News Archive

Padua News is organised and published by a small band of dedicated people. If you would like to be involved, even on an infrequent basis please make contact at  Remember ‘many hands make light work’ 

Feedback is always welcome as are suggestions for possible articles and content.

If you have any article of interest for the next newsletter, please submit them to the Parish Office or preferably by email to:

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Hi i just want to ask is there any dawn masses for christmas season. Thank you.

    2014 Christmas Season Mass timing is now available on the web site.
    Please monitor the weekly bulletins for late changes.
    Or contact the Parish office for any specific queries.

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